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Golden Tears of the Destruction

        "Forgive me dear goddess, our mother and the Mighty Sol's bride." murmured the man with a chain in his hand, squeezing it in his hands. His knuckles were turned a bit whiter with every second due to pressure. "I have sinned." he declared. Head down, adding a guilty expression around him. Pausing, fidgeting in his place, it seemed like he was trying to gather his composure before continuing. It was a new dawn, still dark enough to cover the man while he was kneeling before the huge marble statue of the goddess. Dawn's first light fell on the golden inscribed halo behind the statue, leaving the man in more and more darkness while the statue's shadow completely swallowed him.

        "Yet..." said the man, slowly raising his head. The black pupils, shone with a sinister golden, seemed to reach there from the halo. The man's face was blank, showing no emotions. He looked at the statue's eyes. Golden tears that were engraved there looked so sincere. Like she was witnessing something so gruesome. The tears were always there but the man, perhaps wanted to think that they were for him this dawn. For his nauseating self, for his poor, hopeless and foul existence. It made him shiver. He shivered in excitement. His eyes opened a bit more, like he was witnessing the world's most spectacular view. He opened his mouth in a daze.

        "Yet, can you blame me?"

        The rising sun brightened the earth one more time that morning. Behind the man, thousands of human parts with a horrible stench were scattered on the destroyed city. There were not even one intact house due to the impact of the bomb, let alone any survived person with those fragile bodies. The man, with a pilot uniform that has the airforce logo stitched on the back, got up with a swift motion and got his helmet from the rock he placed before.

        "You should've taught us better if you wanted to blame us." he said with a smirk while walking towards the combat plane behind the ruins of the old capital.

        That morning, statue's tears seemed to flowed down quite a long time, gazing at her brutally murdered believers.