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The Declaration Of The Lunar Era

        Hem of the satin white skirt fluttered against the wind as a woman stopped her tracks. It was a warm and quiet night with the only audible thing was the rustling voice of clothes due to simoom. Even though the moon was not on the display, thousands of stars were scattered around the sky, lighting the peak of a hill where the woman was standing. There were seven tombstones as big as three men tall on top of the hill, surrounding a pond. One could see the glowing carved letters, shining with a purplish hue under the deafening night. Woman lifted her head to see the night sky, searching for the moon with her purple eyes with slit pupils.

"Saintess." called the knight finished climbing the hill and walking towards the woman with steady steps. "You shouldn't wander off away from the council, please refrain from being impatient. What if something bad happens while alone?"

As the woman slowly turned around, rustling sounds of clothes started to fill the air more than before, accompanied by the thin gold body chain's rattling. Chain seemed to be hugging the Saintess body, starting from a straight line on the neck part where it's connected to her necklace and traveling until it rests on her waist. Her light gray hair shining under the light of stars was more captivating today as it reflected the carved stones’ purple hue.

"Why do temple insist on not building a stone road to the hill? They're making things difficult for themselves." said the mentioned Saintess as she responded with an unpleasant voice.

"It's because of this hard road that reaches the sacred place is a reminder-" Saintess interrupted the man who was repeating the memorized text from the temple's history.

"-For us the pains of the god's bride before she ascended to him." The Saintess looked at the stars again as the knight was looking at her in a daze as her eyes seemed to be sparkling under the night sky.

"I don't think god likes a bunch of elderly imitating his bride and focusing on trivial things while most humans commit atrocities the whole year, just to get freed from their sins with donations."

The knight didn't open his mouth as he didn't not avert his gaze either. He thought no different from the esteemed Saintess and he already repeated the words that the teaching priests etched his mind when he was an apprentice, so he didn't want to continue saying things he didn't even mean at the beginning.

"You will be the moon of this era, Lunar." was what he said instead almost as if he was mumbling to himself while Saintess made eye contact with him.

"I will light the road until you can reach the dawn." she replied back in a serene voice while curling her pink lips into a gentle smile. Knight reached out his hand to her hair, gently lifting and kissing it. It was his pledge as a knight of the Saintess and childhood friend of Lunar, back when both of them were trying to survive in the slums.

He slowly let the hair fall at its place as they heard the voices of footsteps and council members arguing.

This warm and starry night, many years later, will be called the Declaration of the Lunar Era in the history books under the section "Fall of the Temple and Aristocratic Society".