vincent !!


What Makes a Protagonist

Fabric of your existence,

Flesh of yours littering with scars

over a star

who seems to be afar.

After the every damned

You take a breath in words—

—and I look out for the cries.

Eyes on us, you despised

I take it for granted as it was.

Yet soul of a being crumbles—

—in a way as if regressing

or you did it more than a thousand times.

I said, honestly—

—it is what makes a protagonist.

Then I wanted to be you,

sure the blood I spilled for you

must be more than the ink

running through your veins.

So as if daring your own mind,

look how far you can go—

—without this salvation of mine.

Then I shall see you shine,

until I dream ahead of time.

Let me watch you smile

the laughter I never get to have,

which you don’t seem to—

—ever had one either.

But that’s okay,

since this is

what it makes a protagonist.

Happy thoughts—

—over sappy memories

for all to see,

for me to set free.

— happy birthday Yoo Joonghyuk !